Expanding a Business? Consider Storing Your Stuff Professionally, Instead of Moving Office

Most businesses when they are expanding would move their office to a bigger location. There are some merits to this but why not just find a storage facility in Kamloops like Los Rios Storage instead of really moving?

Now unless you’re a devoted minimalist, there will be a lot of things to move and it can be a daunting task. If you opt to just professionally store your things, this will be a lot simpler because the storage company will do all the hard work for you. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your important things are in good hands.

Storing Tips on a Tight Budget

Now if you think that storing can be expensive, think again because there are ways to store things while saving you a lot of dollars at the same time. These tips can definitely save you a lot of dollars and you might not even have to consider moving to a new office.

  1. Consider three options

When renting a storage unit, consider three quotes from three different companies. Better still, if you can bring a quote from one company to another company and ask them to beat it. Competition in this business is steep and you will surely get them lowering their prices when you show them different quotes.

  1. Do a background check

Yelp has some good reviews on storage facilities. Ask for a reference from previous customers. You will be surprised at how many will answer your call. Read their reviews and choose the three that stand out. If you have some Ikea furniture, do the honors of dismantling them. Seriously? You have to pay someone for an Allen wrench?

  1. Avoid moving during rush hours

Some storage facilities charge by the hour and if you can’t avoid this type, at least avoid moving at a time when traffic can be a pain. You will definitely pay more if you do.

  1. Consider portable storage units

You can opt renting portable storage units wherein the companies drive the facility to your place, you fill it in, they drive to the storage location and you unload it there. This is a lot cheaper than having to pay all the way for all their services. A lot of small startups are actually doing this option.

  1. Don’t pay for boxes

Boxes are how movers and storage facilities make money. They charge for the boxes that you use in storing and moving your stuff. If you have friends that you can ask for free boxes, you will definitely save a lot. There are websites that you can check also that gives out free boxes for those who are storing and moving.

Instead of moving to a new location, why not consider using as a storage facility? If you haven’t considered this idea, give it a second chance. Unless moving to a new office will really increase your business viability, it will be too much a hassles to do so.

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